HomeCare Perks greatly value our clients and want to make sure that all questions are answered prior to receiving services from us.

Absolutely! We are bonded and have full coverage of General and Professional liability and other supplemental insurance. Our providers are covered by the agency’s insurance including worker’s compensation when injured while providing services to you.

All our providers are very well qualified and licensed by State of New Jersey. We carefully assess all provider’s work behavior, competency and performance on a consistent basis for the satisfaction of our clients. We also conduct previous employment background check to selectively chose the right provider for our clients. All providers are monitored and supervised by Administrative staff to ensure their practices are according to the Agency’s high standards.

Aside from the Agency’s ongoing in-service related to topics relevant to senior care, all providers are mandated to receive continuing education by their Professional licensing organization. Orientation is also mandatory to all providers to ensure high quality service.

We provide both in-home medical and non-medical services. Medical services include Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Skilled Nursing. Non-medical services are performed by our Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) which include personal care such as bathing, hygiene and grooming, and dressing. It also includes meal preparation, transportation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, shopping, running errands, and other support services.

Yes. Our therapists bring all necessary portable therapy equipment and modalities to help you recover faster including weights, therapy balls, balance pads, portable bike, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy, cold laser devices, etc.

We accept Medicare (Part B), select Managed Medicare plans, all PPO plans, HMO plans of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ and Cigna, select Medicaid plans, Worker’s compensation insurance, Auto liability insurance, Veteran’s program, and Long-term care plans. Due to wide variety of insurance plans in the market, we recommend that you give us a call if not listed here.

We currently provide services in Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, and Union counties. Visit our Coverage area page for a full list of cities/towns and zip codes we serve.

Therapists can assess patients in their actual environment and provide better treatment approach to manage issues that do not come up in a clinic/facility. Often, the patients get discharged from the facility confidently by their team of professionals and when patients come home, are unable to apply their skills learned from the facility due to completely different environment. The height of the steps, thickness of railing, height of pull up bar, texture of the flooring, type of carpeting, etc. are all essential information needed when training patients to be totally independent.

Transportation- Most elderly do not drive or are safe to drive. They often rely on family members or taxi service to take them to appointments. This results to some cancellations of scheduled treatments and interferes with your progress.
Convenience- Patients do not have to spend unnecessary preparation and travel time to receive therapy services. Most elderly have issues with muscle strength, balance or activity tolerance, making them unsafe to go out and deal with unfamiliar environment or changing weather condition.
One-On-One Treatment- Our therapists provide 100% individual treatment. No unnecessary distractions from typical office environment, other therapists or other patients, etc.

The frequency depends on the recommendation of your physician and the assessment of your therapist. The most common frequency is three times per week.

No. Medicare B would only cover 80% of therapy and the remaining 20% will be covered by the Supplemental/Secondary Insurance or will be your out of pocket expense.

The 20% Co-Insurance may be waived when proof of financial hardship is obtained. Also, you will be required to sign a waiver form.

The therapy cap may change every year. However, Congress has passed an extension of therapy cap EXEMPTION where therapy can be continued if it is deemed medically necessary by the physician and the therapist.

No. Medicare has clarified this issue. If Skilled therapy procedure is necessary to maintain individual’s function or are necessary to prevent worsening of individual’s condition, Medicare will continue to cover therapy expenses.

Yes. Our service provider will call you to work out a schedule that is good for both. If for any reason our service provider is not able to accommodate the day and time you requested, we will have to re-assign you to another service provider who can.

Still have questions? Contact HomeCare Perks today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.